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Company history

Morgan Hunt has been active since 1994. Founded in London by professionals with a background in investment banking, the company initiated its executive search operations working with large international investment banks and key players in developing markets. The company gained rapid success, thanks to its consultants’ professionalism and constant efforts to improve business processes and technologies.
In 1995, the company became one of the first international executive search companies to open an office in Moscow, and gained recognition as an expert in the financial and banking sectors, becoming a leader in these markets in a short space of time.
An established reputation coupled with client demand allowed Morgan Hunt to begin a new phase of development, launching new executive search fields and expanding its portfolio of services to include other sectors of the economy. Today, the company boasts an impressive expertise in sectors as varied as banking and finance, metallurgy, energy, oil&gas, petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, the consumer market and retail, construction and development, telecommunications, and many others.
The company successfully weathered the crises of 1998 and 2009, and is now an established and recognised brand in the executive search market, requiring little introduction.
In August 2014, Morgan Hunt changed its official name to Morgan Hunt Executive Search, more clearly reflecting the specialist nature of its activities.