Helping our clients build and grow their businesses,
by attracting the foremost in executive talent.

Executive Search and Selection

We specialise in the recruitment for executive and senior managerial positions, helping clients to form effective leadership teams.
The key selection principle for senior management positions lies in attracting only the most successful candidates – business leaders with a proven record in a range of economic sectors. To ensure success, Morgan Hunt Executive Search is constantly refining the professional edge of its consultants, selecting only the most qualified experts with at least seven years’ direct experience in the executive search field, and with specific knowledge and skillsets.
Morgan Hunt Executive Search have successfully completed recruitment projects for the following executive positions:

  • Chairman of the Board

  • General Director

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Managing Director

  • Vice-president

  • Regional Director

  • Chief Representative Officer

  • Deputy General Director

  • Finance Director

  • Sales and Marketing Director

  • Logistics Director

  • HR Director

  • Corporate Communications Director

  • Legal Director

  • IT Director

  • Commercial Director

  • M&A Director

  • Business Development Director

  • Government Relations Director, and more.

As part of our work, our experts have also successfully completed search assignments for independent directors and advisors.
Each project is tailor made exclusively for each client; we never offer formulaic solutions.