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10/02/2012 Will expats help us?

Observing companies in Russian industrial sector and being experienced in this field allow us to assert that 2012 has its leading trend which already been familiar before:  companies need expats handling new but proven technologies. Seems that so many foreigners have been invited to Russia just under Peter the Great time and in 2004-2007, under an active economic development in the country. This time it's not a fad, as it frequently happened but it is a reasonable need. There are several reasons: the inexorable approach to the World Trade Organization (WTO) requires from the industrial sector to arm technology. It’s less applied to those developed industries which been competing in global markets for a long time. These industries include metallurgical and energy industry.

Major players in such industries as machine building, agriculture, including light and food industries, realize that they have a lack for these experienced specialists with new technologies. From where is it possible to get people on the high-tech tasks in the market, which been operated by itself and since the crisis in 2008 has just 2-5 major players and a number of small businesses? The companies planning to develop in 2012, calculating now the budget and by getting ready for the serious game quickly order by our company  Foreign Strategists, Directors of production areas, Technical Directors, Chief Engineers and Chief Designers, Project Managers, R & D developers, Managers responsible for the genetics and even expensive Consultants. Everyone understands that to be competitive in 2012 is to be technological. And everyone realize that the battle for prime cost is just beginning. That's why interest to expats is just growing, they have knowledge and experience not just in production technology but also in production prime cost.

To find these people, is certainly not difficult for us, often integration is the most difficult part. It is important for a visiting expert to be able to feel part of a team that focuses on development rather than exotic trick attracted to promote a company’s image. The second feature of the trend is that our companies are more prepared for this.

So the question, "will expats help us?" – For now the answer is “yes”.

How long will expats be trendy? The answer laid in our higher education system, efficiency of scientific areas, amount and purpose of investment in science. All this is already developing in our country. As soon as there are enough own experienced, qualified and innovative specialists the need for so many expats will disappear, and the processes called "innovations" will become just a part of the production cycle, as in fact, it should be.

Author: Louise Gubaidulina, responsible for the industrial practice in Morgan Hunt.