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25/06/2018 Анастасия Филькина присоединилась к экспертному совету PropTech Russia.

Анастасия Филькина, руководитель практики «Строительство и Недвижимость» Morgan hunt Executive Search, присоединилась к экспертному совету PropTech Russia.
PropTech Russia ( занимается поиском, разработкой и внедрением технологий, позволяющих автоматизировать и вывести на более высокий уровень управление недвижимостью.
Функцией совета является оценка и отбор как стартапов, так и существующих решений на рынке коммерческой и жилой недвижимости.

18/01/2013 Morgan Hunt Company – Expert of HR-Brand Award 2012

Matvey Gorbachev, Managing Director of Morgan Hunt has joined the advisory council of the "HR-Brand Award 2012" - the annual awarding of the best employers of Russia. He and other recruitment and HR-consulting experts are to evaluate the projects of leading companies acknowledged to be personnel management leaders for working with HR-Brands. The assessments criteria are design relevance, implementation methods modernity, resulting effect and goals & objectives desired compliance.

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27/12/2012 Morgan Hunt Company wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Let the New Year bring your most daring ideas and most incredible dreams come true!

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29/11/2012 HR Directors Discuss: “How to Motivate Senior Executives?”

The annual meeting of HR directors and executives, organized by Morgan Hunt and Ernst & Young companies, took place on 29th of November, 2012 in Moscow. During the event, the experts represented by the largest Russian and international organizations’ HR management leaders discussed the issue: “How to motivate senior executives?” Notwithstanding the bad weather, the meeting attracted about 60 guests interested in remuneration approaches introduced by key market players, the most significant for senior executives motivation factors and for what an owner is ready to pay.

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30/10/2012 Morgan Hunt Company gathered St. Petersburg HR-Directors and Top Executive Managers for Roundtable Discussion: “Top-Management Compensation Package in Russia”

On 30th of October, 2012 a roundtable discussion on “Top-Management Compensation Package in Russia” took place in St. Petersburg. This event was organized by Morgan Hunt, an international executive search company and KPMG. Among the attendees of the roundtable discussion, which was held in the KPMG office, there were the top brains of the region. 

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08/10/2012 Morgan Hunt nominated for Headhunter of the Year Award in Private Banking and Wealth Management Segment

Morgan Hunt Company has entered a list of the nominees for the Headhunter of the Year Award. The title is given to the executive search organization for the best annual results and service quality of the private banking and large monetary resources management market insiders in Russia, 2011-2012.

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