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25/06/2018 Анастасия Филькина присоединилась к экспертному совету PropTech Russia.

Анастасия Филькина, руководитель практики «Строительство и Недвижимость» Morgan hunt Executive Search, присоединилась к экспертному совету PropTech Russia.
PropTech Russia ( занимается поиском, разработкой и внедрением технологий, позволяющих автоматизировать и вывести на более высокий уровень управление недвижимостью.
Функцией совета является оценка и отбор как стартапов, так и существующих решений на рынке коммерческой и жилой недвижимости.

20/08/2012 Компания Morgan Hunt оценит номинантов Премии PEOPLE INVESTOR 2012

Матвей Горбачев, Управляющий Директор компании Morgan Hunt уже 4-й год подряд принимает участие в проекте Премии PEOPLE INVESTOR в качестве члена жюри.  Основной задачей Матвея является экспертная оценка направленных на конкурс проектов. Этой почетной роли он удостоился благодаря девятилетнему стажу в стратегическом и управленческом консалтинге, а также более чем шестилетнему опыту в сфере executive search.

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17/08/2012 Deficit of executives caused by needs of economy

Matvey Gorbachev, Managing Director of Morgan Hunt Moscow, told the Career Magazine what is happening in recruitment and executive search market and in what areas has been formed deficit of executives.


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14/08/2012 Morgan Hunt is in the top-5 executive search firms in Russia

According to the rating of "Career" magazine that has been published in "Profile" and "Company"  magazines  on 13 Aug, 2012, Matvey Gorbachev, Managing Director of Morgan Hunt, became one of the top-5 headhunters in Russia.

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28/05/2012 Morgan Hunt and KPMG held IV annual banking conference for top managers

May 24, 2012 - Morgan Hunt in partnership with KPMG held IV annual banking conference "Banking system in Russia: New Challenges." The event was entirely devoted to the retail sector. Participants and speakers of the conference agreed that this topic is one of the most relevant in the banking sector. The event brought together more than 70 people. Among them were top managers of the banks, whose professional activities directly connected with conference’s topic. HR Directors were among other participants, topic of motivation of banking specialists was also featured at the conference. The event was held in the KPMG office on one of the top floors of Naberezhnaya Tower Complex in Moscow.

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22/05/2012 Morgan Hunt and KPMG held an HR-conference in St. Petersburg

May 22, 2012 - Morgan Hunt in partnership with KPMG held a conference «HR ideas and practical tips for creating partnerships between all levels of management." The event brought together over 50 participants. Among them were both HR Directors, whose professional activities are directly connected with the issues raised at the conference, and business representatives, shareholders and managers, for whom questions of motivation and retention of top managers in the company are not less important.

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