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by attracting the foremost in executive talent.


Morgan Hunt Executive Search’s industry practice has been one of its key areas of work. Our portfolio of successful projects in this segment features our most complex and wide-reaching searches.

It is a well-known fact that process management in the industrial sector demands the utmost attention to the make-up of the management team. The unique nature of industrial operations makes it is essential that only the very best, most qualified – and sometimes rare – professionals be selected for each line of work. Our efficiency in the search and selection of senior managers for large, vertically-integrated holdings and high-tech manufacturing companies is aided enormously by our extensive expertise, dependable contacts, and our ability to recruit executives from around the world.

Today, the most pressing issue for this sector is a shortage of highly-qualified managers, or lack thereof. Our candidate search covers every continent, enabling us to fill even the most complex executive positions, and to offer effective solutions for tasks that were previously deemed impossible.

Our industrial practice covers – but is not limited to – the following fields of work:

  • chemical industry;
  • energy (generation, distribution, services);
  • oil and gas sector (upstream and downstream);
  • timber industry;
  • mining and metallurgy;
  • engineering and construction;
  • industrial sector and equipment sales;
  • machine-building, transport (rail, sea, etc.);
  • agribusiness;
  • B2B production sector (including innovative production).