Helping our clients build and grow their businesses,
by attracting the foremost in executive talent.

Consumer and retail

The sphere of production of consumer goods and the retail sector are two of the company’s foremost practices. Our number of successfully completed projects is constantly increasing, our portfolio of clients expanding. These results are made possible by our use of individually-designated work fields. Our consumer and retail practice consultants know the market and its players inside out, and have a strong pool of candidates ready at hand. All of this enables them to put forward quality talent in a short space of time.

The success of companies in the consumer and retail segment is wholly dependent on their managerial make-up. Senior managers are now tasked with attracting and retaining the loyalty of ever more discerning customers. For this reason we constantly receive search requests for managers who would be able to implement new, innovative approaches to business management, whilst successfully maintaining the company’s strategic and tactical plans. Despite the abundance of candidates in the market, it is not always so easy to find those with the best qualifications. These are the managers that are needed to improve a company’s performance and to strengthen its market position. Candidates with the ability to work dynamically, and to make decisions in a fast-changing environment, are particularly valued.

We work with national and international companies, paying close attention to the specifics of each search, the corporate culture of the client, and their individual objectives. We approach each search assignment as unique, conducting specialist research and tailoring our solutions to the client’s needs.