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Transport and logistics

Transport has always held a special standing within Russia’s economy, due in part to the size and dimensions of the country. The transport sector is of distinct strategic importance to the economy of the country as a whole, with growth in production and the services sector dependent on its functionality. Professional executive teams can guarantee the success of this sector and its individual players. Morgan Hunt Executive Search helps its clients attract the best senior managers in the field.

Nowadays, it is normal for companies to set up their own logistics divisions, or to outsource certain sections of their production supply chain. It is no longer enough to simply offer high-quality products; these now need to be in the right place, at the right time, in a precise quantity and at minimal cost. Badly organised logistics processes can significantly increase costs to the company. For this reason, demand for logistics services and managers in this sector will only grow with time.

Transport and logistics businesses are currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals.
Morgan Hunt Executive Search has the experience and expertise to fill positions of any complexity in the sphere, in the following sectors:

  • trading and manufacturing companies (supply chain management, planning of production, sale and supply);
  • freight forwarding companies;
  • transport companies;
  • customs brokers;
  • warehouse providers;
  • shipping lines;
  • airlines: freight and passenger carriers, and more.